waterproof RFID Guard Tour system.
  HARGA PAKET Rp.5.450.000,-

   -1 pc WaterProof GUARD PATROL 
   -1 pc Kabel data USB

   -5 pc PIN Tag RFID
   -1 Ls Software
   -1 lot Free Instalasi di Jakarta.

 Guard Tour System adalah satu set sistem patrol  yang  dilengkapi  dari  PIN  Tag  dan reader serta  software.   Sistem  ini   dapat   digunakan   untuk memonitor  dan  mengontrol  proses patroli pada  security. agar  petugas  patroli  dapat  memeriksa setiap   area  bangunan.  Guard  Tour  Reader  ini  dapat membaca RFID Tag Check Point yang

diletakkan diposisi yang harus dilakukan pengecekan/diperiksa. semua Log check pointakan tersimpan pada Reader dan yg kemudian akan di-upload ke patrol management software untuk kemudian di proses menjadi laporan. untuk selanjutnya di Print sebagai laporan tercatat

It is the ideal solution for  companies wishing  to track employees whose work duties require   moving from place to  place, such  as security  guard patrolling, policeman patrolling, remote equipment inspection, etc

Guard tour monitoring in shopping mall, supermarkets, hotels, buildings, factories,  schools and blocks etc.
Nurses daily round Airport departure lounge and runway checking Forest fire control and safe patrol Power transmission cable checking and management Oil pipeline checking and management
Patrol police tracking and management.


Features :
- Very Durable, the most rugged watchman clockrugged. rugged enough
  to withstand 15 meter one time, 3 meter 50 times.    
- rubber out shell.
- Battery: No need to change battery, there is rechargeable battery
  inside, can charge by usb connection to computer, or by power
  adapter(110V - 240V range support )
- low batter reminder.
- Completely waterproof watchman clock
- Humidity5%to95% non-condensing, Operating range:-40 to+ 85�C.
- Memory Storage Capacity:80,000 button reads
- Battery 3.0 V Lithium Battery, Ultralow-Power Consumption, 2,0000
  continuous reads for one full cell battery.
- USB-B: more stronger and more durable
- Prompt: LED flash+vibration prompt
- Guard tour software supports 32/64-bit Windows XP, Vista, 2000 or
  Windows 7, Windows8 OS
- Guard tour software to download and generate reports, which can be
  printed or exported to MS Word/Excel, PDF, JPG, and other popular formats.
- Unlimited number of sites, checkpoints, patrolmen, events and plans.    
- Brilliant exterior design, small-sized, light and easy carrying
- Completely water resistant, No screws on surface, sabotage resistant,
  Shock proof and easy maintenance  





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