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Product Description

Panasonic H3 automatic door system can be Single door bearing weight 90kg, double opening 90kg*2, which can meet the requirements of most entrances and exits.It has rich functions, such as normally open, normally closed, half open and other mode settings. It can be connected to the backup battery, electric lock, sensor and access control.More important is the door system has passed the 500,000 life test and the operation was trouble free.

HARGA Rp. 31.500.000,-


-Motor Drive
-Basic control module
-Track and mounting profile 4200 mm
-Motion Detector / Sensor Infra red
-Return pulley
-End stop, Door carrier w/ Main roller, Floor guide, Glass clamping
-Program switch Lockable
-Tooth Belt and Belt connection

-Battrey Pack
-Safety Ligth Barrier
-Cover alumunium 

Harga tidak/belum termasuk :
-Daun pintu kaca tempered
-Penggantung / Hanger Mesin
-Power 220 VAC
-Pekerjaan sipil

Sectional View,
height 125mm,Depth 100mm track.Its design is very simple and easy to install. 
Panasonic H3 Automatic Sliding Door


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